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FORX Switchback Strap with Base plate

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The FORX Accessories Tool Strap for E-bikes, MTB, gravel, and road bikes with an Atop ratchet system is a fantastic investment for every cycling enthusiast. This versatile tool strap is not just designed for a specific type of bike, but for all sizes, making it a universal solution for all your on-the-go cycling needs.

The inclusion of the Atop ratchet system is a game-changer. This patented technology means your tools or other accessories will be secured even more firmly, while the tension can be adjusted precisely to your liking. This system ensures your items are tightly fastened, preventing unwanted sagging or movement, which is particularly important in high-intensity rides.

Not only does the FORX tool strap promise robustness and reliability, but also ensures you're always prepared. It provides you with quick and easy access to tools, spare parts, or other essentials without having to stop and search through a backpack or panniers.

Remember, though the strap is designed for all-sized bikes, make sure to verify the compatibility of the strap with your specific bike and the tools you wish to carry. The FORX Accessories Tool Strap equipped with an Atop ratchet system proves to be a handy, efficient and an indispensable companion for all your cycling adventures.


12 month warranty on material and workmanship faults.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse and wear & tear.


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