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HEX 2.5 - Levo & Kenevo, Brose, Fazua R50

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FORX cranks are made from 7075 Aircraft grade aluminium.


5 Year warranty on material and workmanship faults.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse and wear & tear.


Free shipping world wide.

Freight usually takes 2-3 days NZ wide, and 7 days for international shipping.

  • Ergonomically designed to reduce ‘crank strikes’ during technical climbs and uphill ascents and descents.

  • Natural Q-Factor for better ankle clearance and reduced hip strain. FORX’s range of custom cranks cover all rider sizes and experience levels.

  • Our cranks have a lively and strong feel for riding confidence in all conditions.

  • Reduce rock & pedal strikes. Making technical rides easier.

    Ergonomically designed
    Smaller spinning circle, spinning at a higher cadence, motor efficiency
    -less stresses & strain on hips, knees & ankles.

    Designed & developed in the mountains of queenstown, New Zealand.

    Cnc airgraft grade 7075 aluminium
    Cerakote elite coating e110 midnight

    Xxx g

    After initially offering a single e-bike crank to suit isi axles, we have now produced

    Three different offsets to suit specialized, brose/yamaha, and bosch motors.

  • Standard offset
    This crank model is most suitable for bosch gen 2/4 systems and yamaha pw-x systems
    (not compatible with bosch gen 3 bni spindle interface).

    Narrow offset
    This crank model is most suitable for brose systems may also be used as a narrow q-factor.

    Option on bosch systems if, there is adequate frame clearance (not compatible with bosch gen 3 bni spindle interface).

    Specialized offset
    This crank model is most suitable for specialized turbo systems using the isis mount including: levo, kenevo,
    Mapa, grope turf r16872 f5 riof•suitable for any levo sl mitn e- bikes using the specialized bi. 1. 1 nso motor. Forged and nc machined 7150 series aluminium alloy crank arms.

    Please note: compatible with motor systems using an isis spline axle/crank arm interface only.